1st post…this is my real 1st post…like the real Ghostbusters (get it? cause wordpress made the other one)

Hi everybody, well here goes…all I can think to start off my blog is we find ourselves living in VERY troubling and interesting times.

The best advice I have heard: “Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research.” – William Cooper

Hopefully I’ll be able to think of something really my own next time. Until then here’s a poem I found for this time of year…


“Love awoke one winter’s night
And wander’d through the snowbound land,
And calling to beasts and birds
Bid them his message understand.

And from the forest all wild things
That crept or flew obeyed love’s call,
And learned from him the golden words
Of brotherhood for one and all.”

-Author Unknown



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